What is your reaction when you get a generic marketing email that seems like it could have been sent to just about anyone? That’s right: “Ignore”, or even “Unsubscribe!” Now, what’s your reaction when you get a personalized email - a welcome email for a favorite blog, a relevant breaking news update, information about a beloved sports team, or a reminder about a product that you recently added to a shopping cart? Probably something like “Oh, this looks interesting!”

When notifications are relevant, users naturally pay more attention to and engage with them. In contrast, when notifications are generic, users ignore them, and they may even feel annoyed by the interruption and turn off push notifications from your app altogether.

How to Send Better Push Notifications

One way to send better push notifications is targeting your audience more precisely. Segments, a powerful feature available to all OneSignal users is a great tool to use. Across a large sample of OneSignal apps, those that used more than the default four segments saw an average of 50% higher open rates.

The chart below shows that across thousands of OneSignal apps, as the number of segments being used increases (i.e., the apps have divided their users into increasingly specific audiences), open rates increase.

Open rates increase with more precise targeting

Segments allow you to divide your users into more specific audiences based on attributes like activity, location, and interests and then target your messages to those segments. This approach can ensure that every message you send to your subscribers will be more relevant and lead to greater engagement.

By default, every app in OneSignal has four built-in segments to help you get started with using this powerful targeting feature:

  • Subscribed Users - All users in your app that are subscribed to receive notifications
  • Active Users - Users that have logged in to your app/site recently
  • Engaged Users - Users that have logged in to your app/site frequently
  • Inactive Users - Users that have not logged in to your app/site for a long time
In this image from the OneSignal dashboard, you can see the four default segments that OneSignal provides to help you get started. But you can easily create more based on your users' activity, location, and interests.

The most successful OneSignal customers don’t just rely on the default segments, and indeed 59% of the top 10,000 OneSignal apps use more than the four default segments to achieve more precise targeting based on attributes like activity, location, and interests.

This also means that there are many apps that could do even better by leveraging OneSignal's powerful Segments feature - if you want to increase the relevancy and open rates for your notifications, creating additional segments for your users and targeting them with more relevant notifications is a great approach.

Learn more about how to use Segments in OneSignal's documentation. You can also schedule a demo with a push expert to learn more - we're here to answer any questions you might have.